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By Lisa Are Wulf ~

Christian Spiritual Growth - They're WatchingChristian Spiritual Growth ~

Recently I saw a documentary about Franklin Roosevelt. As we know today, he suffered from polio and spent years in a wheelchair, including several terms as president of the United States.

The film focused on his early struggles with the disease, including several visits to a health spa. He was consumed with anger and self-pity because his political aspirations were in shambles. Unfortunately he was blind to the plight of the other polio patients watching him at the spa. When a series of events opened his eyes, he began to show compassion to his fellow sufferers. In time his ability to rise above his infirmities became an inspiration to all.

And so it is with our spiritual lives. How many times do we obsess over our own issues and just can't relate to the similar struggles of someone else? But if we focus instead on becoming Christ to that person, real healing begins - for both of us.

What's your experience?

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