Out on a Limb

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

Living for God - Out on a LimbLiving for God ~

You want your life to matter.  You long to do something really great.  You want to be a person of substance who makes a difference for others.  But how do you do it?  Where is the “fruit” that you so earnestly seek? 

The best place to find fruit is out on a tree limb. It sure would be easier if we could just find a harvest on the trunk, but unfortunately, it’s not usually there. So we venture forth, often fearfully, to find what we’re looking for.

What’s it like to go out on a limb in real life?  We may feel alone, since the crowd generally hangs around the trunk. We’ll probably be perceived as different. But in the end, it’s about seeking God in our own personal way.  As we begin to reflect our journey, others will see and find encouragement to follow their own path to Christ. So go out on a limb, be a fruit gathering example, and God will meet you there!

What's your fruit?

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