Don't Look

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

Finding Inner Peace - Don't LookFinding Inner Peace ~

Back in the earliest years of Christianity, a devout believer decided to withdraw from the world to concentrate on solitary prayer. Several years later, a large packet of letters was delivered to him. He didn’t know what to do.

“If I read these, will I be filled with joy or sadness? How long will they draw my attention away from God? If I look at them, when will my peace be restored? What good does it do to forsake everything in body if I look again in my heart?

In the end, he decided not to read the letters – or even to look at the names. He silently threw them into the fire.

This sounds extreme. But many of us are in a similar position, perhaps thinking about situations we can’t change. So which is better – to keep running difficult thoughts through our minds? Or to refuse to let them in and keep our eyes on Jesus?

I might throw the letters away. What would you do?

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