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By Lisa Are Wulf ~

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What do you do when you're in the middle of an argument? Do you endure the discomfort - or withdraw to a safer place? Conflict is tough. And these days there's a lot of it - even between Christians.

There are so many theological and even political "hot buttons." Recently I participated in a discussion about how to handle this in a loving and Christlike manner. A man there offered a surprising key. He said that Christ is not necessarily on either side but is in the center of every dispute.

Now he didn't mean that Christ is in the wishy-washy, lukewarm middle. But what he did say is that God is found at the core of every conflict. It is our job to figure out where he is and be with him, no matter how difficult. After all, isn't this the way of the cross - to stand in the center with our arms outstretched?

What do you think?

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